CLT Boomer

Welcome to CLT Boomer!

Welcome to CLT Boomer, a new product from the Charlotte Observer. CLT Boomer is all about the good life for the 50-plus crowd. In this print and digital product, we’ll write about things to do in Charlotte, new ways to plug into your community and informative pieces about housing, aging, health and more.

Each quarter (June, October, January and April) look for our quarterly print publication in the newspaper. Each week, we’ll add new stories And to make it as easy as possible, we even have an e-newsletter chock full of news and news to use we deliver straight to your inbox (sign up here!).

Have suggestions or feedback for us? Contact CLT Boomer editor Tom Tozer, a Boomer himself who is juggling a job, downsizing and grandchildren.

We hope you enjoy!

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