CLT Made: Rustic and Main

WWI Ring; $225.
WWI Ring; $225. Courtesy of Rustic and Main

What: Rustic and Main offers rings made with historic and symbolic woods, antler and other unusual materials – even rings which incorporate coffee grounds from the 1950s and wool from a WWI infantry uniform.

Who: Mike Yarbrough says he was raised on the banks of the Hatchie River in Mercer, Tenn., and has lived in Charlotte with his family since 1998. He developed an early interest in creating things from raw materials that were meaningful.

On the name: “I have longed to have a farm and some land, but I also enjoy lattés. I was pondering this one day and thought to myself, ‘There should be some way to incorporate the rustic life with Main Street,’ and I immediately knew I had a name for the business: Rustic and Main.”

What sets it apart: Rustic and Main uses woods that have some historical significance or sentimental value, then pairs them with unique inlays or other designs to create something that not only looks distinctive, but has a story. “In a world of mass-produced, non-personal items, having something that is handmade which also tells a story is very meaningful.”

Favorite piece: Yarbrough’s favorite is the WWI ring. It is made from Springfield 1903 walnut rifle stock and green wool from a U.S. infantryman’s uniform. The two materials are joined in the middle of the ring by an inlay of stainless steel; a strong epoxy holds the elements together and is also used as a finish.

Find it:; @rusticandmain on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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