CLT Made: ShoeBeeDo

Kicks baby booties in soft cowhide; $37.
Kicks baby booties in soft cowhide; $37. Amber Benton

What: ShoeBeeDo carries handmade shoes, bags, baby booties and laptop messenger bags, made from a variety of quality leathers – including stingray, buffalo, crocodile, elk, deer and ostrich – and unusual findings.

Who: Cindy Sheppard is the owner. She apprenticed at a shoe repair shop right out of high school, and decided she wanted to learn how to make her own shoes: “I have big feet! As a young girl shopping for new school shoes and having to get women’s shoes I was mortified, and decided one day I was going to make shoes!”

On the name: “When coming up with new ideas and designs I always say I have a bee in my bonnet. I thought about using a bee in my logo and ShoeBeeDo was born.”

What sets it apart: Sheppard runs her shop on her own. She makes all the products and patterns. She says, “I'm always designing and dreaming up something new.”

Inspiration: Sheppard sees patterns and thinks in 3D. She can look at a bag or shoe and figure out how to make it and put her own spin on it.

Favorite piece: “My favorite product is always what's next. I love making custom pieces. Especially when a customer has a particular need or idea and I get to flesh it out and make it a reality.”

Find it:17 Union Street North in downtown Concord or at;

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