On Style with Sarah Morgan

On Style: Sarah Morgan

UNC Charlotte student talks about her personal style and how she got into designing jewelry
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UNC Charlotte student talks about her personal style and how she got into designing jewelry

When Sarah Morgan was a little girl she made necklaces, and sold them at dinner parties held by women in her Charlotte neighborhood. Now Morgan, 21, is a senior at University of North Carolina Charlotte, and the owner of the jewelry business sarahsandsuch. She started with an Etsy account and promotes the business through her Instagram account. She’s sold well over 1,000 necklaces to date. Morgan is scheduled to graduate this May with degrees in accounting and finance.

Q. What’s in your closet that you can’t throw away?

A. I have this tie dye dress from Urban Outfitters. It’s an off the shoulder dress, and it doesn’t even really fit me anymore, but I met my boyfriend in it.

Q. When did you realize you had your own sense of style?

A. In high school, because my mom let me pick out my own outfits. First I wanted to wear what everybody else was wearing. But at the end of high school I realized I could wear whatever I wanted to.

Q. Do you remember the first piece of clothing you bought with your own money?

A. I have this yellow pencil skirt that I bought in the middle of high school from Forever 21, and I wear it with everything.

Q. How do you track current trends?

A. I follow tons of different boutiques on Instagram. I follow representatives for different companies. I also have Pinterest boards for everything. Sometimes I know what I want to wear but I don’t know how to wear it.

Q. For example?

A. I had booties and cuffed jeans, and I had no idea how to wear them. I looked on Pinterest, and I found “dos and don’ts of cuffed jeans.”

Q. What piece of clothing was a game changer for you?

A. My transition was when I got my first pair of jeans from Banana Republic. I still have those jeans. They ripped down the center and I had them patched and you can’t tell, though now ripped jeans are in style.

Q. Do you alter your own clothing?

A. I watched a documentary on Netflix about minimalism. If you don’t use something, then why have it? I had so many jeans. And some of them were really cute, so I started cutting them up. I made some into shorts. Others, I cut holes into them. The style is to cut the jeans above the ankle and let them fray.

Q. What thing do you wear every day?

A. I haven’t taken these rings off in five years.

Q. What should a woman never wear?

A. Plaid.

Q. Do you have a favorite dress designer?

A. No. I’m too poor. I’m in college. For me, it’s not about the name of the designer. I love going to Marshalls and digging through all the stuff that nobody else has, plus it’s really cheap.

Q. Where else do you shop?

A. T.J. Maxx, Banana Republic, and Petal Boutique. I have a lot of stuff from Uptown Cheapskate.

Q. Do you have a favorite pair of boots?

A. My Frye boots. I bought them in high school when everyone was getting Frye boots. I went on eBay and got a great deal. Things like that I don’t mind spending money on because I know in ten years I’ll still have them.

Q. Does what you drive make a statement about you?

A. I have a Nissan Xterra with a lot of bumper stickers. I think people assume girls like to drive small cars, but I like to drive big cars. I’m defying stereotypes.

Q. What colors do you favor?

A. Purple is my favorite color, but blue is easier to wear.

Q. What are two staples in your wardrobe?

A. A grey sweater that I probably wear once a week, and these heels, which I wear all the time, both from Banana Republic. They have great sales.

Q. Describe your look in three words.

A. Comfortable, Bohemian, and colorful.

Q. What do you require in a purse?

A. I like to be able to carry my laptop in it. I hardly go anywhere without my laptop.

Q. Do you have any particular fashion quirks?

A. I don’t like platform shoes that don’t have a distinct heel. I’ve never been a fan of lace.

Q. What’s next on your list to buy?

A. I want a pair of shorts that are a comfortable fabric but are not workout shorts. I don’t know what it is, but I’m on the hunt for it.

Q. What inspires your necklace designs?

A. When I shop and I see stuff that’s cute but I don’t really love it, I’ll go home and turn it into something else for much cheaper. Everyone was wearing black chokers with one bead in the middle. I did a leather cord with five turquoise beads in the very center and it’s still a bestseller. I like the layered look with chains and suede. I like having lots of jewelry.

Q. Do you shop elsewhere for jewelry?

A. The only jewelry that I’ll buy is metal earrings and rings.

Q. Do you ever wear a watch?

A. I have a Fossil watch. It is a rose gold with a tortoiseshell type stone on the side. Everyone compliments me on it. I wore it all the time when I had my internship.

Q. Are you loyal to any products?

A. L’Oréal BB Cream. That and bareMinerals powder foundation. I use Cover Girl mascara. It’s not waterproof, but that’s harder on your eyelashes, and I like my eyelashes.

Q. What scent do you wear?

A. Chance by Chanel.

Q. Do you shop with anyone?

A. I like shopping alone. I’ll try on everything. I don’t want to hold people up, and if people are waiting I can’t make a decision. Also, I usually I have something in mind, and if a store doesn’t have it I leave.

Q. I never splurge on…

A. Shirts. Because you can always find a cute shirt for cheap.

Q. I always splurge on…

A. Shoes. Because I know they will last a long time. I’d rather spend $100 now than $20 every year for a pair of sandals or boots.

Q. What can you not believe you once wore?

A. Purple corduroy overalls.

Q. What are you listening to these days?

A. I like the Beatles. That’s my most recent Pandora station.

Q. Have you splurged on anything lately?

A. Recently I got a pair of knee high, light brownish gray suede boots. The heel is suede. I knew exactly what I wanted, and it took forever to find it, and when I found it I put the money down. They are Marc Fisher from Belk.

Q. What’s a good date restaurant?

A. Cajun Yard Dog at the Arboretum. It’s southern Cajun with a little twist. The fried chicken is amazing, and so are the shrimp and grits.

Q. What’s your first choice in flowers?

A. Sunflowers.

Q. Tell me about an excellent vacation.

A. My favorite place I’ve ever been was Hawaii. I went there last year with my friend. We flew into Honolulu and spent half of our time there. Then we took an Uber across the entire island to a really tiny Mormon town and stayed in an Airbnb in a trailer with people who lived there. It was fun to see both sides of the island. We stayed in a hostel in Honolulu. The flight was expensive but the beach is free.