Small Keys

Handcrafted all natural soaps; $5 each, five for $20.
Handcrafted all natural soaps; $5 each, five for $20. Courtesy of Katie Burns Photography

What: Small Keys sells natural soaps, lip balms, scrubs, body mousses, face masks, facial oils and other natural body products. Only natural substances such as oils, butters, clays and essential oils are used to make the products. Goat milk, honey and beeswax, as well as local beer from Triple C Brewing, are in Small Keys’ soaps.

Who: Toni South grew up in Hickory and graduated with a teaching degree from Appalachian State. More than four years ago, she says, she started reading about product ingredients to pursue a more natural lifestyle. She created natural gifts for everyone at Christmas, and people started asking her to make similar gifts to purchase. It slowly morphed into a business idea.

On the name: “I've always had an obsession with keys and doors and the symbolism behind new beginnings. I also felt like my journey towards a more natural lifestyle was a series of small steps, so Small Keys was a perfect name.”

What sets it apart: The handcrafted products contain no synthetic colors or fragrances and no chemical additives or preservatives.

On starting a business: “It can be very overwhelming turning an idea into a real business. Start small! We are very lucky in Charlotte because there are so many local pop-up events. If you think your handmade items would be a good business, try going to a couple of small pop-ups and see what the feedback is.”

Find it locally: 7th Street Public Market and online at

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