Weigh in: Is trend a hit or a miss?

MISS: William Wilson, clothier

His company is William Wilson Clothing.


“I feel about (athleisure) the same way I feel about a lot of things that are going on, society-wise. I think we’ve gotten really lazy in our attire in general. We’ve taken comfort too far. There’s a proper place to wear everything. I don’t believe in ‘Casual Friday.’ I just don’t. Casual is for when you’re at home. I think you take on the mood of how you dress. If you’re dressed casually, you will act casually. I see guys wear jeans with a sport coat and I think that’s about as lazy as you could get. The whole idea of dressing up jeans – that’s crazy to me. There’s a difference between convenience and lazy.”

HIT: Lucy Parker Randall, wedding photographer

Her business is Smitten & Hooked.


“(When you’re a wedding photographer), people are looking at you the whole time. We might crouch all the way down, especially at the front of the altar. I can’t wear a dress, because then everyone sees my underwear, right? We jump up on things and are constantly running around. I want to be cute and fashion-forward and comfortable. On a typical day, I’ll wear Lululemon pants plus a sports bra and tank top. Then I’ll take a shower, put on different Lulu pants, a cute top, a blazer with ankle boots and a necklace. It all depends on how you accessorize it. I wouldn’t wear it to a black-tie event, but pretty much everywhere else, I’ll say it’s fair game.”

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