Reincarnated Roadkill

Alien vs. Predator wallet; $120.
Alien vs. Predator wallet; $120. Courtesy of Corey McGovern

What: Handmade leather goods, such as wallets, bags, belts, dog collars, cuffs and other accessories. Some custom pieces are embellished with (thoroughly cleaned) animal bones.

6 Headshot, Credit Corey McGovern
Corey McGovern, wearing one of her cuffs. Courtesy of Corey McGovern

Who: Corey McGovern was born and raised in the Queen City, and is an artist and former tattooist. “I walked into a leather shop and saw a man carving leather with a swivel knife, a small handheld blade used for carving into leather, and I knew right away I wanted to bring my art skills and creativity to the leather-working world.”

2 Credit Corey McGovern
Hair-on tote bag; $120. Star Wars hair pin; $60. Courtesy of Corey McGovern

On the name: McGovern wanted a catchy name that prompted people to ask questions. “I wanted to express the appreciation I have for animals and the misfortune it may have endured by giving it new life with my artwork.”

Why it works: McGovern carves, tools and hand-paints the leather.Leather work is a bit of a forgotten art form. There are not very many people in the city that do it.”

4 Credit Corey McGovern
Swallow Tail butterfly cuff; $65. Courtesy of Corey McGovern

On motivation: “Every commission is a challenge and I love to problem-solve, build, and end with a quality product and a smiling customer.”

Find it: Online at;; @reincarnatedroadkill on Instagram.

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