Harlan McKenna Designs

Goat skull with crown necklace; $150.
Goat skull with crown necklace; $150. Courtesy of Dustin Williams

What: Jewelry, handmade, of metal and carved wood.

Who: Dustin Williams is a Charlotte native. Her work is inspired by nature, she says, and she finds many of her materials walking through woods and fields.

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“Lunar Goddess,” vintage bronze, assembled with rhinestones (top); $75. Hand carved wood deer skull mounted on vintage bronze jewelry stampings; $120. Courtesy of Dustin Williams

On her process: Williams restores antiques and uses many of the same skills in her jewelry making. “I use skulls I find as a visual reference for the tiny ones I carve out of wood,” said Williams. (She doesn’t use the actual skulls in the work.) “I like replicating the shapes and textures as closely as I can to the real thing.” She cuts the most basic shape from a block of wood, then carves everything away that doesn’t look like a skull, she says. It can take her four hours to finish one small goat skull carving.

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Beetle pendant; $75. Courtesy of Dustin Williams

How it launched: “Like most artists, I’ve been creating my entire life. I learned a lot from restoring antiques and found I could build my own designs from scratch.”

On motivation:Existing is my motivation, I guess. Motivation has never been a problem. My head is always swimming with ideas and I usually have at least a half-dozen things going at once in various stages of completion.”

Find it: Online at Harlan McKenna Designs Facebook page.

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