Mint’s fashion exhibition gets Cam Newton-sized coup - but with one sizeable challenge...

He’s arguably one of Charlotte’s biggest fashion plates, and now, Cam Newton’s bigness has created a fun challenge for officials at the Mint Museum:

Making a mannequin that’s a fit for his clothes.

Museum bigwigs were elated last month to learn that Newton would loan out a look for the upcoming “Charlotte Collects: Contemporary Couture and Fabulous Fashion” exhibit, which features the most prized couture pieces from 10 (with Newton, make that 11) local fashionistas’ closets.

“It hadn’t really dawned on us until after we received his measurements that there is no existing mannequin that fits his clothes,” said Hillary Cooper, director of advancement and communications for the Mint.

The solution? The museum’s collections and exhibitions team speed-created a special mannequin designed to mirror Newton’s measurements and show off his designer threads.

Newton’s contribution, a tailor-made two-button Versace suit, white dress shirt, peacock-feather bowtie made by Charleston-based Brackish, and Giuseppe Zanotti loafers will grace the entrance to the exhibition, which runs Oct. 14 through Feb. 4 at the museum’s Randolph Road location.

“He will sort of greet you, which is exciting,” Cooper says.

The other 10 collectors, all women, include many of Charlotte’s longtime best dressed: Charlotte boutique owner and style maker Laura Vinroot Poole; gallery owner Chandra Johnson, and arts patron and civic leader Deidre Grubb.

“The women in the exhibition were absolutely thrilled and tickled that he was going to be joining their corps of passionate fashion collectors,” Cooper said. “It was a resounding cheer that he is coming into the fold.”

Cooper says the museum reached out to Newton because “he is fearless and bold in his choices. ... He is not afraid to be noticed, to take risks and to push the envelope. But he does it in a very graceful and comfortable way.”

The museum has two hopes in including Newton, she said: to forge a greater partnership with the player and his charity foundation, and to get more men to visit “Charlotte Collects.”

“We think some of the fellows and dads and dudes who may not have been so inclined to see an exhibit of women’s gowns will now be inclined to check out Cam’s look,” Cooper said.