CLT Made: Custom Artisan Company

Red Proposal Rose with “Will you marry me” engraving; $130.
Red Proposal Rose with “Will you marry me” engraving; $130. Courtesy of L.Rae Photography

What: Handcrafted “forever” roses and accessories made from stainless steel.

Ghost Rose and Classic Burnt Rose; $85 each. Courtesy of Custom Artisan Company

Who: Dylan Costello was born and raised in a small town in Vermont, and his love of welding started when his grandfather gave him a welder for his 11th birthday. He fabricated custom bicycles and rode them around the neighborhood, then got involved with aerospace welding, NASCAR/Rally teams and the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team in Lake Placid, New York, in 2015.

Custom Joker Rose; $100. Courtesy of Custom Artisan Company

How: When Costello couldn’t afford a present for his girlfriend, he made a steel rose from scrap. “My life changed the moment pictures hit the internet. Now they are sold worldwide, which absolutely blows my mind.”

galaxy-rose (1)
Galaxy Rose; $95. Courtesy of Custom Artisan Company

What sets them apart: “There are subtle nuances that make the roses unique in form and presentation, just as real roses are in nature,” Costello says. “I liken fabrication to a signature – you learn over time how to make it polished and well-thought-out, and eventually it becomes your identity within the market.”

Giving back: The company donates roses to all types of fundraisers, events and memorials, he says.

Inspiration: “I pull my inspirations from daily life and nature”: He’s done everything from a Carolina Panthers-themed rose to Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter sets.

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