CLT Made: Beautiful Petra

Twist of Fate, $1,500+.
Twist of Fate, $1,500+. Courtesy of Petra Hein

What: Diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and diamond earrings.

Blooming Work of Art, $2,995. Courtesy of Petra Hein

Who: Petra Hein was born and raised on a farm in Jamaica, she says, and her family moved to the United States when she was 9. She met her husband, Jeremy Hein, while in school in Florida; both had an interest in jewelry making. When he found a 1-carat diamond on the sidewalk in New York City (it later became her engagement ring), it sparked her interest to help others “find” their diamond. She says, “After years of helping friends and family find their rings, I got out my computer and started drawing rings that I thought were pretty or interesting, and formed a team to help make them a reality.”

Duchess, $3,000+. Courtesy of Petra Hein

What sets them apart: Many of the designs are patented, she says. “Our business is unique because we ‘underpromise and over-deliver.’ Our customers can come back at any time if they have a problem with anything they have purchased from us and we will always help, even if it is 10 years down the line.”

Ever Blooming Love, $3,000+. Courtesy of Petra Hein

On starting a business: “Research first. Don’t be lazy. Don’t give up. Work towards your goal as if your life depends in it.”

Notable: Beautiful Petra supports missionaries around the world, says Hein, through Fire International and Deeper Water Ministries.

Find it /locally:, on Facebook at Beautiful Petra, or 704-796-4346.

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