CLT Made: Lapidify

Cuff with rutilated quartz, woven copper and brass; $110.
Cuff with rutilated quartz, woven copper and brass; $110. Courtesy of Lapidify LLC

What: One-of-a-kind jewelry influenced by nature and mythology, with flowing patterns of woven and forged metal around various focal stones.

Who: Cori Acacia Kunberger-Striepe says she has been an avid rock and mineral collector since she was a child. When she moved to Charlotte five years ago, she realized North Carolina’s history was rich in gemstones. Kunberger-Striepe started lapidary classes to expand her jewelry skill set and started Lapidify shortly afterward.

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Custom order rainbow moonstone and amethyst pendant set in woven sterling silver; $280. Courtesy of Lapidify LLC

What sets it apart: Kunberger-Striepeworks with “raw” or strange shaped stones. “People bring me stones with sentimental value, and they want to preserve their shapes,” she said. “I can usually set a stone using wire-weaving without ever having to take a blade to it.”

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Untamed Red Jasper and Woven Copper Necklace; $98. Courtesy of Lapidify LLC

On starting a business: “Running a business is about wading through the things you hate, to be able to do the things you love. Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself stuck doing clerical work when you’d rather be creating something.”

Inspiration: Mythology, nature and the stones inspire Kunberger-Striepe. “I don’t fight against my stones to force them to do what I want because I want every piece to really celebrate the natural beauty and spirit of the stone it showcases.”

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“Heart of the Iron Wood”: Milky quartz set in hand-forged copper; $152.50. Courtesy of Lapidify LLC

On the word: “A lapidary is a craftsperson or artist who cuts and polishes stones. I specifically cut stones in a cabochon or freeform style. ‘Lapidify’ (the name of my shop) means ‘to turn to stone.’ 

Find it /locally: Shop online at or check out the Lapidify Facebook page.

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