CLT Made: Hybrid Handbags

Stephanie Specht and some of her work.
Stephanie Specht and some of her work. Courtesy of Atlas Photography

What: Handcrafted leather purses and handbags and accessories such as wallets and covers for iPads and passports, made with no stitching.

Who: Stephanie Specht is a North Carolina native and lives in Cornelius. She owns a rehabilitation massage therapy business and paints as a hobby. Her handbags are one-of-a-kind.

Orange Leather Fringe Hobo; $295. Courtesy of Atlas Photography

On the name: “I pull from a lot of different inspirations, a lot of different aspects of my creativity to create a collection of elements that I would love to believe comes out very clearly in my products.”

Motivation: “I make what I like, what I think other people may also enjoy; something unique they just can’t find at the local outlet mall.”

Inspiration: The textures and colors of the leather inspire Specht to create her products.

On the process: Hybrid Handbags are fastened with metal rivets and so, says Specht, are more durable than the average handbag. The leather materials come from distributors primarily in Texas, and the hardware elements are from Charlotte distributors. “I make each handbag or leather accessory using a variety of leatherworking tools and machines that I’ve acquired over the course of growing Hybrid.”

Large Springbok Leather Clutch; $350. Courtesy of Atlas Photography

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