CLT Made: KC's Dragon Maille

Chain mail bracelet; $40.
Chain mail bracelet; $40. KC Hethcote

What: Chain maille jewelry, made with rings coiled out of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. The pieces mimic the patterns of chain mail armor. Steampunk jewelry — which draws inspiration from a genre of science fiction and fantasy — is made with found items, such as keys, gears, clock parts and chains.

Bow tie; $30. Cuff link; $20. KC Hethcote

Who: Karen Clark Hethcote is from a small town in Ohio and moved to Matthews when she was a teenager. She started making chain maille jewelry because her daughter’s wrists were too small for regular jewelry.

Steampunk pendant; $40. KC Hethcote

About the process: These are limited-edition pieces, made one ring at a time with the use of two pairs of pliers. “The steampunk jewelry comes from my imagination and usually begins as a pile of gears, keys and chains,” Hethcote said.

On the name: KC’s Dragon Maille combines Hethcote’s name and her love of dragons and chain mail. “The jewelry is quirky like me and can be quite strong, with an industrial feel.”

dragonslider copy.jpg
SWR Slider; $25. KC Hethcote

Giving back: The SWR Slider Necklace was designed by Scott W. Robertson, who recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. Four dollars from the sale of each necklace is donated to pancreatic cancer research, Hethcote said.

Find it locally: At festivals, and online at Facebook (KC’s Dragon Maille) and Instagram (@kcdragonmaille).

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