CLT Made: MADDJewels

Memory wire bracelets made with seeds and stones from around the world; $20 each.
Memory wire bracelets made with seeds and stones from around the world; $20 each. Courtesy of MADDJewels

What: Handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry such as bracelets, wrap cuffs, pendants and earrings using beads, leather, olive wood from Israel, semi-precious stones from around the world, nickel-free copper and Sari Silk tassel from India.

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Patina earrings accented with turquoise chips and Tibetan amber inlaid with brass; $15. Courtesy of MADDJewels

Who: Lee Hill, 59, and Jessica Cannon, 39, are a mother-and-daughter team. When Hill had back problems and her daughter developed health issues, which kept them from regular jobs, they decided to make affordable jewelry with a bohemian flare. Cannon’s son Austin, 18, joined the team last April after he found a passion and talent in leather work.

Hardwired Tree of Life Pendant; $32. Courtesy of MADDJewels

On the name: “We were originally just MADD for Mother And Daughter Designs, but that already had its own brand – Mothers Against Drunk Driving, so we added Jewels to differentiate.”

Family ties: Lee, Jessica and Austin bring different skills to the collaboration, and appreciate the differences. “You would think spending so much time together would be the downfall. But the world today is crazy and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow,” Jessica said. “We treasure our time together, and my son joining us is an absolute blessing.”

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Mala style tassel necklaces made with olivewood from Israel, Sari silk From India and accented with semi-precious stones from around the world; $32. Courtesy of MADDJewels

Business advice: “Join in, don’t be shy. Get to know your neighbors at events and network. We share ideas and experiences. It’s what has allowed us to grow and make an amazing art family along the way.”

Find it locally: Look for MADDJewels products at Ruby’s Gifts in NoDa, Sanctuary Imports in Plaza Midwood, 47K Marketplace in Monroe, Elements 4 Life in Davidson, Viva Boutique in Concord and on Facebook and Instagram (@maddjewelsnc).

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