CLT Made: Kathleen Levren Jewelry

Sterling silver hammered bar with single gemstone; $38.
Sterling silver hammered bar with single gemstone; $38. Courtesy of Align 29

What: Handmade jewelry using semiprecious stones and metals such as sterling silver, 14k yellow and rose gold fill.

Who: Kathleen Levren grew up in Michigan in a family of artists and entrepreneurs. She started making jewelry after moving to North Carolina. “I saw a piece of jewelry in a magazine that I really wanted, but could not afford,” she said. “I decided to make it myself.” Customers at Levren’s place of work were interested in the piece and her employer allowed a few pieces to be displayed in the shop.

Kathleen Levren, credit Align 29
Kathleen Levren Courtesy of Align 29

Inspiration: Levren is self-taught and most of her ideas come from looking at other pieces and imagining them differently. “I have come to a point where my vision for new designs often surpasses my metalworking skills, which is what keeps me striving to do and try new things. My pieces and taste have definitely evolved over the years, and I expect it to keep doing so.”

14k gold fill hand forged leaf earrings with multi tourmaline vein; $36. Courtesy of Align 29

Sets them apart: Levren’s appreciation and love for gemstones is apparent in her work. Her jewelry is delicate, simple and elegant. “My pieces are timeless and seem to attract most age groups and personal styles.”

14k rose gold fill hand forged heart necklace with birthstone drops; $30 necklace and $3-$6 per added birthstone. Courtesy of Align 29

Why it works: “My focus is on making unique and quality pieces at an affordable and accessible price. My style is not overly trendy and can fit into almost everybody’s wardrobe and lifestyle for a lifetime.”

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