Sisters-in-law craft Mere Jewelry

White vinyl beads with Swarovski spacers and gold plated finding; $66.
White vinyl beads with Swarovski spacers and gold plated finding; $66. Courtesy of Mere

What: Handmade jewelry using semi-precious stones, gold-filled and plated pieces, druzies, wood, tassels, arrowheads, seed beads, bone, rosaries and more; prices range from $30-$150.

Who: Four years ago, sisters-in-law Courtney and Amanda Schrum were spending quite a bit of money on jewelry but also wishing they could find some different elements and design. “We found ourselves saying, ‘I love this piece but it’s a little long or too heavy.’ ” So they decided to try their hand(s) at it themselves. Some trips to supply stores plus a lot of trial and error later, they had their first collection debut of Mere at KK Bloom. Today their collections are in boutiques throughout the Southeast.

How: Designs include beading and wire wrapping – an element they admit to using lots of. “I wouldn’t say there’s a specific method to how we make our pieces. It really just depends on the new design we’ve come up with and what it requires to bring to life,” says Amanda.

In the family: While some may shy away from working with relatives, this duo doesn’t have an issue. “We both have the same overall vision, but different ideas for prices we’d like to create,” says Amanda. “We say we have wave links because it’s crazy how much we agree on decisions and designs.”

Favorite piece: “Our original seed-beaded earrings and any of our beaded tassel necklaces.”

Find it locally: Lipp Boutique, Coral, KK Bloom, Bedside Manor, The Cheeky Bean and more;