Stacking Cuffs ($60), X Double Midi Ring ($90), Deco Earring Jackets ($120).
Stacking Cuffs ($60), X Double Midi Ring ($90), Deco Earring Jackets ($120). Ariana Hardiman

What: Jewelry that is mostly brass and silver with enameled elements, wood and gemstones. Geoflora describes itself as “fashion-forward handmade jewelry with a bit of art-school quirk.” Prices $40-$400.

Who: Twin sisters Ellen and Margaret Hinrichs went to art school at East Carolina University and fell in love with making jewelry. Working together is pretty natural for them, they said; running a business together was a logical step. The two actually thought they were going to different colleges and picking different concentrations in art. “That’s the funny thing about being a twin: You can’t escape your DNA!” Ellen joked.

How: For inspiration, they create mood boards to get the overall feel for a collection. They reference both historical adornment and current fashion and seek to blend them into a line that “speaks to the girl we want to adorn.” The mood board can include anything from the clothes and makeup she would wear to a pattern from a specific period of art. Each piece is handmade, rather than cast, by one or both of the Hinrichses.

Looking for bold girls: Their target customer is the “cool girl who is strong, bold and looking to make a statement.”

Favorite pieces: Ellen’s is the Wood Shield ring because “it’s bold and flashy but unlike any other cocktail ring.” Margaret’s is the X-Chain earrings: “They’re a remake of a pair of our mom’s earrings but with an updated, everyday look.”

New endeavors: The sisters went to New York for Capsule Show, their first big wholesale show. They’re planning on hitting local holiday markets.

Find it: Email at, or shop online at or on Etsy.