CLT Made: Plume Jewelry

A vintage, adjustable cuff for which Currier used jeweler’s epoxy to adhere a geode slice. $32.
A vintage, adjustable cuff for which Currier used jeweler’s epoxy to adhere a geode slice. $32. Courtesy of Plume

What: One-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets and one-of-a-kind and limited-production earrings made of free-trade materials: natural and semi-precious stones, rough-cut quartz and druzy, and vintage components, as well. Prices range from $18 to $178; there’s also a kids’ line at $8 to $28.

Who: Katherine Currier’s New Hampshire high school offered two metals-mitering classes, where she learned stone setting, casting, metalsmithing and more. Though she earned a national award for a creation during her senior year, she opted to attend a school for performing arts. But she never quite shut the door on jewelry. After graduation, she took a position working with bone carvings in Bali, then a job in marketing, then became a teacher. When the next big life change came – having children – she began to make jewelry again, drawing from her diverse experiences.

How: She does not have access to a metalsmithing studio, but uses other methods such as wire-wrapping. “Many of the necklaces are designed as asymmetrical pieces, which may be worn in multiple ways, and the clasps are designed to blend in or serve as a focal point.”

Time to Party: Currier found another niche for Plume: kids’ jewelry parties. A Plume representative comes with supplies, a gift bag and design options for each guest. Each party-goer leaves with his or her creation in hand. Also hot are one-on-one lessons, mother-daughter lessons and workshops for groups such as Girl Scouts.

Favorite Piece: “It’s impossible to have a favorite piece, since I have made thousands of pieces over the years, but I love to work on hand-built flowers.... They are layered pieces that involve many skills in jewelry design and implementation.”

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