Neck of the Woods

The Diplomat; $55.
The Diplomat; $55. Courtesy of Neck of the Woods

What: Wooden ties for guys. Think bow ties made in a different medium and dressed up with a touch of fabric. Prices are $50-$55.

Who: Brian Galloway had the idea, his brother Joshua made the logo, and their mother came up with the name. Soon men were donning their trendy ties, eye-catching accessories that dress up the “dapper man,” as they describe their customers. Brian’s a patient case coordinator at a health care company, Joshua is self-employed and does brand identity and Web design.

How: Neck of the Woods sources its cedar, walnut, cherry and mahogany from a local woodcraft store and from an online Colorado-based company. Ties are cut, sanded and smoothed by Brian; engraving is done with a laser machine. The finishing touch is a seasonal fabric print.

All in the family: Sometimes siblings who work together can feel a strain on the relationship. Not in the case of this family, they say. “We work really well together,” says Brian. “It’s almost like it was meant. I am more hands-on when making the ties and Joshua is more tech-savvy with the website and photos. As of right now, I couldn’t ask for a better business partner.”

Favorite piece: “My favorite tie has to be the ‘The Diplomat’; the detail in the paisley print is immediately recognizable by many people,” says Brian. “It’s a classic design.... Its use goes beyond clothing – paintings, jewelry, curtains, tablecloths, quilts and carpets. So for us to be able to bring that design into wood and turn the element of wood into a bow tie seems pretty cool to me.”

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