CLT Made: Hands High Design

Tweed Jasper Sticks (neutral tweed fabric with turquoise and rust-colored jasper sticks), $92.
Tweed Jasper Sticks (neutral tweed fabric with turquoise and rust-colored jasper sticks), $92. Courtesy of Hands High

What: Handmade, one-of-a-kind necklaces and watches featuring fashionable fabrics, unique beading and finds such as tassels, bone and more. $80-$100.

Who: Ashley Hall has always been fond of fashion. Born and raised in New York, her first job was working for a Fortune 500 CEO married to a supermodel. “The biggest perk of the job was getting to meet her and check out all of the amazing clothes and accessories she owned,” says Hall. After getting married, Hall moved to Arizona and fell in love with the boho vibe. Eventually, with a master’s in education under her belt and three kids at her heels, she wanted an outlet, and came up with one: “I woke up in the middle of the night and knew exactly what my vision was. I designed my first one after about 6 months.”

How: She created the original Hands High prototype and maintains all aspects of design, including ordering and beading, but outsources the sewing. She describes the pieces as “natural, neutral, boho-chic” and notes there’s enough difference in fabrics, width of bands, beading and more that “everyone feels like they’re choosing their own necklace, vs. the same one that their friend picked out.”

On the name: A competitive horseback rider as a child, Hall says her house is filled with oil paintings of horses, and she named her business for their unit of measurement: A “hand” is 4 inches, and a horse is measured from the ground to the highest point at its withers in “hands.” (So a horse whose withers are 5 feet from the ground is 15 hands.)

Favorite piece: “I feel like every time I put one together it’s my favorite ... until I make the next one – though the girls’ pieces (from the Little Bit collection) are extra special to me because I think they’re just so precious.”

Find it locally: Lipp Boutique; Cotswold Marketplace; LA East;

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