Agate and Elm

Mixed metal Sunburst Earrings; $50.
Mixed metal Sunburst Earrings; $50. Courtesy of Agate and Elm

What: One-of-a-kind jewelry made from sterling, copper and brass, combined with gemstones and crystals ranging from jasper, agate and quartz to malachite, garnet and turquoise. Women’s offerings include necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings; men’s are rings, necklaces, cuff links and money clips. Prices range from $20 to $200.

Who: Amy Wyckoff started her business four years ago. With her love of geology and exploring nature, she says, her viewpoint was an obvious one to take.

How: When it comes to creating, there aren’t many methods that Wyckoff doesn’t employ: Soldering, sawing, texturing, stone setting, filing, polishing and more. To enhance her knowledge and skills, Wyckoff continues to take workshops from master jewelers. She can also often be found reading up on metalsmithing techniques.

#intheknow: She says social media has been an integral part of growing her business. “I have found social media tools, such as Instagram, to be the perfect way to provide clients with a behind-the-scenes look at the process.” (She’s @agateandelm on Instagram.) Seeing pieces in progress helps customers understand the care she takes with pieces, she says.

Favorite piece: The Natural History Necklaces – large gemstones (sometimes fossils, too) combined to create statement pendants. She ventures onto both U.S. coasts: “I love to travel whenever I can and always collect stones to set in future pieces.”

Find it locally: Bechtler Museum Gift Shop, The Frock Shop; online at