On Style with WCCB's Morgan Fogarty

WCCB TV anchor Morgan Fogarty: Top by Free People, jeans by Banana Republic, shoes by Biala, and bag by Louis Vuitton.
WCCB TV anchor Morgan Fogarty: Top by Free People, jeans by Banana Republic, shoes by Biala, and bag by Louis Vuitton.

WCCB News anchor Morgan Fogarty, 34, graduated from Penn State with a degree in broadcast journalism. Her first news job was in Hagerstown, Maryland, where she wore many hats as a producer, photographer, anchor and editor. “One of the things I stress to our interns is that the being-on-TV part of the job is 10 percent of the day,” she says. Fogarty and her husband, Jeremy Spring, are both from Lancaster, PA, and have known each other since they were in fifth grade. They’ve been married since 2007, and have two children, Sawyer and Sadie.

Q. Was there a piece of clothing your mom made you finally get rid of?

A. She never made me get rid of anything. She encouraged my emotional attachment to things, not in a negative way, but in a family history way. She’d say ‘You wore that to XYZ, and you might want to give that to your kids one day.’

Q. What was a “must have” piece of clothing in high school?

A. It was before designer labels became a big thing. I do remember everyone wanted to wear Abercrombie & Fitch. When my sister went to high school, that’s when things shifted to knowing about real designers. One of my sister’s friends had a Fendi bag, and I was like ‘What is that?’ When I was in high school it was a little bit grunge; plaid flannels and combat boots.

Q. Did your parents affect your style?

A. My mom for sure did. She was a model for a little while, and she always wanted us to dress more classically and she wanted us to look fresh and young. She didn’t want us to wear more makeup than we should, but she had an artistic sense, so she encouraged us to be unique.

Q. What would surprise people about your style choices?

A. My friends say they don’t know what to get me. Sometimes I like things that are really glamorous, sometimes I like things that are really bohemian, sometimes I like things that are classic. I have a constantly evolving style.

Q. How do you decide what to wear on the air?

A. When you get into the line of work I’m in, a lot of it is trial and error. Things that really look good in person can look like junk on TV. It’s a matter of accentuating the positive and minimizing the negative. My boss and I agree on my wearing dark solid colors, and saturated colors, and fitted clothing that looks neat. The 10:30 show (“The Edge”) is more entertainment and personality than the 10 o’clock news. I have to walk the line of not being distracting at 10, and a little bit fun and current at 10:30.

Q. How can you mix it up without actually changing your clothes between the shows?

A. A lot of times you don’t see my shoes during the 10 o’clock show, but you will during “Edge.” I might wear more jewelry than other newscasters, but you won’t see the bracelets at 10.

Q. How do you put together an outfit?

A. I have two little kids, so right now it’s what’s cleanish. I do have to take into consideration how frequently I wear things. I try to wait at least a month between repeats.

Q. What have you learned about your own sense of style from work?

A. I’ve been in this business for 13 years. So I’ve figured out the cuts that look good on me, the shapes that look good on me, the colors that look good on me, and I know what to avoid. I can go to my closet and pull things pretty quickly for work, because it is almost a uniform mentality I put toward it.

Q. What piece of clothing was a game changer for you?

A. I am a firm believer in the power of Spanx. I would wear Spanx to the gym if I could.

Q. What should a woman never wear?

A. Never wear something that you don’t like. Wear what you want to wear.

Q. Do you have a favorite dress designer?

A. I look for a lot of Tahari dresses, and you can usually find them at Nordstrom Rack, or Marshalls, or the department stores. I like Vince Camuto. I love dresses. They are so much easier. Why make two choices if you can just make one?

Q. Shirts?

A. I like Free People. They speak to my hippie side. I usually get my jeans at Banana Republic, J. Crew and Ann Taylor.

Q. Are you a shoe woman?

A. I love heels. I love the way they look, I love the way I feel when I wear heels. I feel taller and more powerful. To work I wear wedges, and I wear Bean boots a lot.

Q. Do you favor certain colors?

A. Black, faded black, dark black, light black. I also love jewel tones, so saturated blue, green, purple, but if I have a choice I’ll always go with black.

Q. Where do you splurge?

A. I invest in good handbags. That’s where I spend money. I love Louis Vuitton bags. At my very first job, I decided to buy one as my first “big girl” purchase. I got one when Sawyer was born as a push gift and another as my push gift for Sadie.

Q. What are three out-of-the-ordinary things in it?

A. I always have my press passes with me. I have a packet of Pampers wipes in there, and I keep a notebook.

Q. Why are they worth the money?

A. I use them hard, and I use them every day. They go with everything. I can fit everything I need in them. It becomes part of my uniform so I don’t have to think about it, and I know they are going to last and take the beating I give to them.

Q. Describe your intended look in three words.

A. Appropriate, current, approachable.

Q. What does your hair say about you?

A. I came to work one time and I had gotten a lot of lowlights and it was still blonde, but it was a very dark blonde and my bosses were not happy. They told me I needed to get it back to blonde. From their perspective, in terms of branding and recognition, they feel my hair is a big part of my professional persona. I would personally love to have dark brown hair, or red hair, but that would not go over well.

Q. Are you loyal to any hair products?

A. I use smooth infusion Aveda. Because of the amount of heat I have to put on my hair, I moisturize my hair a lot, and I love hairspray. I am a hairspray addict. I use Aveda control force, which is like aerosol glue. Nothing annoys me more than when my hair is in my face on television.

Q. What scent do you wear?

A. Rush by Gucci.

Q. Where do you shop in Charlotte?

A. I like Lotus; Effie [Loukas] has that eclectic mix. I like this place called fab’rik in Stonecrest Shopping Center. They have cool pieces that are affordable, comfortable and cute.

Q. Do you have any fashion quirks?

A. Personally, I feel if you are going to show leg, you don’t show cleavage or arm. I feel you accentuate one part of your body, not all parts of your body.

Q. Do you wear jewelry because you have to or because you want to?

A. I wear my wedding band and engagement ring every day, and I wear a ring my husband had made for me. It was his grandfather’s signet ring, and Jeremy had it melted down and designed it and it was made by Malak Jewelers. Sawyer’s birthstone is in it and Sadie’s birthstone is in it.

Q. How about earrings?

A. I used to be into big earrings, but now I find I wear pearl studs every day.

Q. Where do you buy jewelry?

A. I like Stella & Dot stuff. It’s good for TV. It’s bold, it’s big, it’s well-made costume jewelry, so it can stand up to wear and tear.

Q. What’s your best bargain?

A. There’s a website called and I look there a lot because of their sales. You can get quality pieces that are greatly discounted.

Q. I don’t have fun when…

A. I don’t have enough sleep.

Q. What’s your favorite comfort food?

A. Salt and vinegar potato chips.

Q. Do you have a celebrity whose style you admire?

A. I love Blake Lively’s style. She just kills it every time. I remember specifically there was a picture of her when she was pregnant in a white gown on a red carpet and she looked like a million dollars. She always hits the right note, and she seems to not take herself too seriously.

Q. If you could visit a place again and again and money was no object it would be…

A. Paris. Loved it. The food, the culture, the architecture, the art. I just was in love with Paris.

Q. What chore do you put off?

A. All of them. Laundry.

Q. What wouldn’t you be caught dead wearing?

A. A Broncos jersey.

Q. What advice can you give to women?

A. I think in a professional scenario, women often are hesitant to say what they want because they don’t want to come off as aggressive or bitchy. I would encourage women to speak up and don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t take yourself out of the game.