Actress/model aims to inspire with gender-bending kids’ clothes

Jaime King and clothing from the gender-neutral line she designed with Kristin Nystrom.
Jaime King and clothing from the gender-neutral line she designed with Kristin Nystrom. Karolina Henke /Skarp

Actress-model Jaime King has launched a gender-neutral children’s clothing line aimed at inspiring acceptance and self-expression, she says. King, who starred in the CW series “Hart of Dixie,” said the message is particularly relevant amid the ongoing debate about bathroom access for transgender people.

“Our intention is never to be political, but we are speaking inherently to what the issues are within the world, and we don’t shy away from that. Like the fact is, we have major issues in regards to what’s happening with the transgender community,” said King. “I have several friends that have children that don’t identify with the bodies that they were born in, and that was a big reason why I wanted to do this.”

She said traditional kids’ clothing is part of “social norms that are incredibly stifling for our children.... Our children should be allowed to express themselves however they want.”

She did the organic-fabric collection with Singapore-based, Swedish designer Kristin Nystrom of Gardner and the Gang: There are pants, dresses and more, in patterns designed as non-gender-specific. Anything and everything can be for boys and girls.

“(We) get an opportunity to send that message to children and their parents that it’s OK, whatever you want to wear,” said Nystrom in a recent interview.

King said she celebrates her son’s style choices.

“Yesterday he wanted red hair so he spray-painted his hair red with glitter,” she said of 2-year-old James Knight. “He chose these white sneakers with gold spikes. So he looked rad. And all the kids are like ‘James Knight! James Knight!’ at preschool because he comes in looking like a total rock star. … It’s really amazing how at like 2 years and 10 months this kid is really specific about what he wants to wear, but I love that!”