On Style with Corrie Throckmorton

Owner Corrie Throckmorton at Stash Pad, in custom velvet bell bottoms by Sew Red, leather platforms by Bacio 67, vintage studded leather vest and vintage Bowie tee.
Owner Corrie Throckmorton at Stash Pad, in custom velvet bell bottoms by Sew Red, leather platforms by Bacio 67, vintage studded leather vest and vintage Bowie tee.

Corrie Throckmorton, 39, opened Stash Pad in January 2015 when opportunity knocked in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood. “Hong Kong Vintage had just closed. We didn’t have a wig store. J&J Beauty Supply just closed, so there was no place to get eyelashes,” she says. A friend offered to invest, Boris + Natasha’s Hope Nicholls offered to make part of her own store’s rental space available, and Penny Craver, co-owner of Dish, offered business advice. Stash Pad’s inventory includes vintage clothing and small boutique lines, false eyelashes, jewelry and hair paint. An Indiana native, Throckmorton moved to Charlotte in 1995 to study Japanese and international business at UNC Charlotte. She played bass for the band Baby Shaker from 1998 to 2013. She lives with her fiancé, Jason Racino, two Australian shepherds and a cat.

Q. What’s something you remember from your childhood closet?

A. I spent a lot of time at my Grandma Mabel’s house dressing up in her 1950s dresses and stilettos. My mom used to try to make me wear those 1970s Holly Hobby dresses, and I was always going for lacy ruffles and patent leather.

Q. Do you have any of Grandma Mabel’s clothes?

A. I fit into all of her stuff as an adult. She donated little things to me to sell at the store. She influenced me in how to sew, how to take care of clothing, and to appreciate my clothing.

Q. What else influenced your style?

A. Music. When I was a kid, MTV first started, and I remember seeing the first visuals of people dressing up in rock-and-roll clothes in a ZZ Top video. I went through a preppy phase and a hippie phase, a raver phase.

Q. What is your style today?

A. I’ve come to wear things that I like and I’m comfortable in. I think it looks cute when you wear something preppy but you have punky hair and makeup. I like to mix all the styles together.

Q. Do you surprise people with your choices?

A. I’m not afraid to wear something goofy or bright. Sometimes I walk out of my house and I think, ‘This might be too much for today.’ But it always makes people smile. They say, ‘I like your outfit,’ and whether they are sarcastic or not, they smile.

Q. What’s a fashion mistake many make?

A. I think people wear things they think they should wear instead of what they like to wear. A lot of times I hear people say, ‘I love that, but I could never wear it.’ Why not? There is no reason.

Q. What fashion item was a game changer for you?

A. I’ve discovered silver jewelry in the last five years. The older I get, the more I am into stones and pieces – nice jewelry – that I can keep forever.

Q. What do you wear every day?

A. My rings from Boris + Natasha.

Q. I would trade closets with…

A. My friend Autumn Costner. She lives in New York. I joke with her and say she is my Stash Pad spirit animal. Her apartment makes this store look dull.

Q. Do you have a favorite dress designer?

A. Valentino. I don’t know that much about Valentino, but every time I see a picture of something I love it’s always Valentino.

Q. Tell me about your Suzani boots.

A. They are a traditional style of velvet with hand- and machine-embroidered flowers, usually lined with a soft nappa leather. I love them. They remind me of the ’70s. They remind me of the Nudie suit worn by Gram Parsons.

Q. Are you crazy about shoes?

A. Yes, but I’m weird about them. I like to have a little bit of height because I’m short. I broke my ankle a few years ago on platform shoes. Don’t ever walk your dog in platforms.

Q. Do you favor certain colors?

A. Pinks, purple, blue, turquoise. Bright colors in general. I very rarely choose neutral tones unless it is cheetah prints.

Q. What are two staples in your wardrobe?

A. I have a lot of blazers and vests. I get cold easy, and I like to layer. Being in air conditioning I like to have a little jacket I can take on and off. And a little vest jazzes up a T-shirt.

Q. Where do you get velvet pants?

A. My friend Kristen Miller has a company called Sew Red, and I love them because she makes them high-waisted and so long.

Q. Describe your look in three words.

A. Rock and roll.

Q. Tell me about your purse.

A. I usually have a wretched big, gigantic bag, and then I have a cute little bag that I keep inside of the huge bag, and when I run in someplace I grab the little purse. It’s from CLTCH on Central.

Q. Do you have any particular fashion quirks?

A. I don’t like boxy or big clothes, because I’m short, so if I wear something too big it makes me look like a block with little feet coming out of it.

Q. What’s a new thing in your closet?

A. Bacio 61 platforms, my first platforms since the ankle break. They will be my summer heel. I got a pair of knee socks that say ‘heavy metal’ on them that are awesome.

Q. What inspired your tattoos?

A. They are all of different things in my life. For a while I was getting one a year. A lot of people in my family have tattoos, so it wasn’t a thing to branch out or be different. I want to get my dog’s faces in a Lisa Frank style.

Q. Are you loyal to any products?

A. A MAC foundation called Studio Fix Powder Plus: It’s real light and easy. I love the way Pureology Shampoo smells.

Q. Where do you shop in Charlotte?

A. I like to go to the Sleepy Poet Antique mall when I buy things for myself.

Q. What’s the best gift you ever received?

A. Jason got me a bass guitar when we first started dating.

Q. I never splurge on …

A. Handbags. It makes me cringe when people spend tons of money on handbags. I’ve never seen a purse that I’ve been blown away by.

Q. On what have you splurged?

A. The thing that I have that is expensive and unnecessary is Wild Fox. They are luxury sweatshirts that are the softest, most comfortable, fuzzy, pretty things, but it is totally ridiculous because you wear them at home.

Q. What’s your favorite weekend destination?

A. I would love to someday go somewhere. I haven’t had a day off in a long time.

Q. What’s your favorite thing to make for a party?

A. I have a Bundt cake mold that is shaped like a castle, and I put fruits and juices in it and freeze it and make a floating punch bowl castle.

Q. What’s on your most recent playlist?

A. Jimi Hendrix, TV on the Radio, Lenny Kravitz and Prince.

Q. Do you collect anything?

A. I collect everything. Bass guitars, snow globes, jackets, ceramic animals, art, I can probably think of 100 other things I have little collections of.

Q. If you could own any car it would be …

A. A purple Corvette Stingray. I have a tattoo of one on my arm. I grew up in Indianapolis, and my name is Corrie, and when Baby Shakers began we had stage names and mine was Corvette.

Q. What can you not believe you once wore?

A. Umbro shorts. I never even was athletic or sporty, but I went through that phase where I thought it was cool to wear Umbro soccer shorts.

Q. Tell me something good about getting older.

A. When you are young, you have to figure out what doesn’t work. From that you learn what does work. And you care less about what people think.

Q. Have you gotten any good advice?

A. I have received so much amazing advice in the past year and a half. People tell me to trust my heart, and don’t second guess it.