Swimsuits offer more coverage

Swimsuit season is here, and women are discovering that many of this summer's suits represent a sharp turnaround from the crass arrangement of string and sequins that in recent years has made the Hamptons shore look like a Vegas sideshow.

Jantzen's most popular look this season is a sassily ruched one-piece, updated in lifeguard red and now called the Vamp, which would seem to encourage accessorizing with a cigarette and a martini more than a Pilates stick.

“The extra coverage feels really right,” said the designer Shoshanna Gruss. “What more people are realizing is that these shapes are beautiful, and more women can wear these. More is more.”

Now one could argue that the covered-up direction in swimwear has something to do with the tanking economy (ahem, tankini), or perhaps it is a precautionary statement against too much sun exposure. More likely, such looks have come around again for the same reason they were popular a half-century ago.

As the window display of historic Jantzen suits at Macy's in New York's Herald Square would suggest, leaving a little to the imagination imparts a lot of allure.