Doug Gravely

An associate at Taylor Richards & Conger in Phillips Place, Doug Gravely, 43, has worked in the fashion field long enough to consider himself an industry veteran. He was named the Western North Carolina Chapter of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's 2007 Man of the Year. Lynn Trenning,

Do you have a favorite designer? No, I'm not married to any one. I like the idea of blending different designers together to come up with your own look. Some I like now are obscure small fashion houses like Massimo Bizzocchi and Gianluca Isaia.

Describe your look. Updated classic. I like the idea of taking old-fashioned fabrics and marrying them with the updated silhouettes. What piece of clothing can't you live without? A jacket. I think any time you go out into the public you should have a jacket on.

Describe your favorite pair of shoes? My favorite shoe is probably handmade Santoni. All my shoes are brown. Brown shoes go with everything, other than black. Black shoes are reserved for night.

What's your lazy day outfit? Probably a pair of jeans, and a nice button up shirt.

Fashion role models? My father, and then there is a gentleman when I first started in this industry named Reggie Davis, who was the epitome of what a gentleman is. He had the total package, from the way he dressed, to the way he spoke, to the way he treated people.

Biggest splurge? I'm considering a pair of vintage 1930s eyeglasses. They took some styles from the 1930s and 1940s and they are made out of buffalo horns.

Best bargain? A Mariano Rubinacci jacket that I got for $25. It was an unconstructed jacket that everyone is wearing now. It is a washed out blue linen fabric, but it looks like it's already been worn.