More fluff for your stuff

Yes, Virginia, there really is an entire book on ways to craft pillows. And we're not even talking about the vital kind – that kind you need to get some necessary shut-eye. These are the decorative, frou-frou kind – the kind that (nearly) every guy loathes but (nearly) every girl loves to pile up into virtual pillow mountains. If you are obsessed with the look of a casually tossed pillow or 10, or just want to freshen up your space, then “The Pillow Book” by Shannon Okey (Chronicle Books, $24.95) is the book for you.

With the will and some spare time, it's relatively inexpensive to make dozens of pillows in perfectly coordinated fabrics. Or, if there's an expensive fabric you covet, a pillow is a perfect project since you don't need much yardage to create a masterpiece.

The book covers everything from a basic square pillow with a ruffle to bolsters to cushions for seating. In fact, the Kitchen Stool Pads (page 94) and Bench Cushion (page 98) seem extremely useful for those wanting to cozy up their home. Other favorites include the Tufted Velvet Floor Cushion (page 114), which just screams “movie night,” and the Ottoman (page 118), which is great for recycling old furniture that may have seen better days.

Included with the book are patterns for each project – conveniently stashed in a pocket at the front of the book. Another plus? The book is spiral bound, which makes it easy to read the instructions.