These shoes are you, baby girl!

Because it's never too early to be girlie …

Check out these high-heeled-look-alike crib shoes for infants.

Baby won't be able to stand on them; the heels are cushy and will collapse under her weight, plus they only come in size 0-6 months so she'll be too young to be walking anyway.

But she won't be too young to be stylish!

Think how chic she'll look in her zebra-striped faux heels as she spits up on your shoulder, throws food across the room or goes on a crying jag.

Think what the other babies will say when you push her to the park in her stroller wearing her pink patent shoes.

Other colors and patterns include black patent, black satin and leopard print.

Each pair is $35 at Georgea Kovanis, Detroit Free Press