Kwame Jackson

Kwame Jackson may be best known as the runner-up in season one of “The Apprentice,” but he has a long list of successes The Charlotte-bred entrepreneur has a Harvard MBA and worked for Goldman Sachs. He recently launched a line of high-end neckties, Krimson, available at Belk at SouthPark mall. Nancy Wang, staff writer

What is a perk of being a celebrity? I'm a fairly well-known television figure, but not a celebrity. I don't get caught up expecting things to happen for me because of my time on the show, but it has opened a lot of doors.

Why “Krimson”? The color is relevant to my Harvard business school experience, which just conjures up an image of that old-world “Great Gatsby” class and sophistication to me, and that's something that I wanted to bring to my collection. Krimson also refers to my fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi) because it's also one of our colors. Kappas have a reputation of being well-dressed, professional men of distinction. Then, I just threw on the K because it connects with my name.

Why are they named after different destinations? Our consumers are cosmopolitan; they're global travelers. I wanted for there to be a back story for people to tell when they find the ties that they like that also represent the places they're from.

What are your favorite places in Charlotte? Any places close to Bojangles' or Krispy Kreme. I just love the fact that you can live in a lakefront home and commute to downtown.