Classic clothes with spice

Dusty Snyder, 38, is a fourth-generation Charlottean. The College of Charleston graduate worked his way through school selling clothes at Banana Republic. When Banana Republic opened a store in SouthPark, Snyder managed it. After a seven-year stint at Coca-Cola Co., Snyder returned to the fashion industry as a sales associate at the Paul Simon store in the Village at SouthPark. He's married to Stephanie, and they have two children.

Q: Were your parents stylish?

Both are and were. My mom had a big personality, so she loved color, and was on the edge of fashion trends. She loved to entertain. She had the right knack of putting everything together. She was a big influence. Dad had his looks, that carried him more than his style. He also has great style, and everything looks great on him, so he doesn't have to try hard. He's an artist so he has a great knack for color.

Q: What's the first piece of designer clothing you remember buying?

A gently worn Emilo Pucci that I needed for a high school function. It was obviously from a thrift store, it's autographed, and I still have it. It's a great keepsake. It's black, pink and white.

Q: Tell me a designer that you wear well.

Robert Talbott represents an American classic. It is American made, American designed. It has a very sophisticated look that combines the traditional with a little edge. It is traditional with spice.

Q: How about an international designer?

Ermenegildo Zegna. They manufacture their own fabric, which is really exceptional. Most of it is a fine grade wool. There are cashmeres and silk blended in, depending on the season. You can't get any better quality wool than Zegna, and it happens to fit me well.

Q: What does spice in a suit mean to you?

Maybe a different color lining that has a little flash. Maybe subtle details like stitching along the collar. A nice soft, sophisticated pattern on the suit that may have a vibrant color streak to it.

Q. What color trends are upcoming this fall?

You'll still see some purples, lavenders, especially in the neckwear, and white-based shirts that have a lot of purple in them. I think rust tones and orange are going to still be strong.

Q. Do you favor certain colors?

I stay away from black, other than formalwear. It's not as versatile, and I like to wear color.

Q. What grooming products do you use?

I'm old school. I use only Skin-Bracer, by Menon.

Q. What piece of clothing can't you throw away?

My first tuxedo, which was my grandfather's. It is double breasted, peak lapel.

Q. Do you have a piece of clothing that holds sentiment for you?

For my first five-year anniversary with Banana Republic, I was awarded a silver belt buckle. It represents my career in clothing, and I hope to pass it down to my son.

Q. What jeans do you wear?

I wear AG (Adriano Goldschmied) Jeans and Agave. …On Saturdays we can dress down and represent the casual side of our business. They are $180-$200 a pair. Men are more and more willing to incorporate formal denim into their wardrobe, from a going-out-on-the-weekend point of view.

Q. Describe your favorite pair of shoes

Martegani. It's an Italian loafer. ….They are clean, you can dress them up or dress them down, and they have a little bit of a stacked heel, which I like.

Q. What's your lazy day outfit?

Mountain Khakis, a T-shirt, a d-ring belt, and flip flops.

Q. What's next on your list to buy?

A new tuxedo, for the upcoming holiday season.

Q: Can you give men some fashion advice?

A: They need to have a nice pair of dress-up jeans. They need to look at how both sports shirts and dress shirts fit their body. …Men's socks should be the color of the pants, not the shoe, in general.

Q: What can't you believe you once wore?

I wore a double-breasted with leather straps Guess jean jacket.

Q: Do you wear a watch?

I do. It's a Swiss Army from Costco. I'm a big fan of Costco.

Q: What was your biggest splurge?

My wife's 40{+t}{+h} birthday.

Q: Your best bargain?

My wife.