Roomie flirting with (taken) boyfriend

Q: I am in a situation that I can't see my way out of. I share an apartment with my high school friend and make barely enough money to pay my half of the rent. We have always gotten along well until recently when it became obvious she was flirting with my boyfriend. I've told her to stop, but she denies doing it. It's mostly subtle things – smiles, dressing provocatively when she knows we'll be hanging out, sexy remarks, that kind of thing. I mentioned it to him, but he says he's never really noticed it. When I suggested we spend more time at his apartment, he refused because it's a dump, which is true. This is really bothering me, but I can't afford to move out and my boyfriend isn't cooperating. Can you help?

Steve: Ask your boyfriend to help find an eligible man to meet your roommate. If he's reluctant to do that, then you have a problem that's a lot bigger than your roommate's flirting.

Mia: Can't you clean up his apartment? A little paint and a trip to IKEA might make a big difference. Also, you could try to spend time at neither apartment – go to the movies, a coffee shop or a park. That way you guys can get alone time without worrying about your roomie.

Tell him there'll be no kids

Q: I'm a 26-year-old woman who can't have children for medical reasons. I've spoken to numerous doctors who all agree I can't conceive. I've been dating my boyfriend for about four months and he often talks about wanting to have kids one day. Should I tell him that it won't happen with me? I'm scared he'll break up with me.

Mia: If it's weighing on you, you should tell him. But I'm guessing you have a long way to go before you decide on marriage or kids with this guy. And if you decide to be together for the long haul, there are other ways for you to be parents, like adoption. So don't think that he's automatically going to dump you because of this.

Steve: I agree with Mia. After four months, it's a fair subject. And if he's serious about you, he won't break off your relationship because of it.