With right tools, you can knock out the frizz/flat combo

The same two-headed monster resurfaces every year: frizzy-yet-flat hair. Relief, say seasoned stylists, is blowing in the wind.

“I had so many clients who would sit in my chair and say, ‘I wish I could get my hair to look like this when I leave here,'” said Erica Badke, co-owner of Salon Slice in Wrigleyville, Ill. “So I decided to put together a class to teach some of our blow-dry tricks.”

At the monthly Blow Dry Boot Camp, Badke has taught women techniques that eliminate the need for flat-ironing afterward.

“People want sleekness but more volume right now. You're not going to get volume from a flat-iron,” she said.

STEP 1: “Get hair 90 percent dry before you start in with the brush,” Badke says. “I've cut some women's blow-dries down by 20 to 30 minutes. It's because they were starting out blow-drying with the brush immediately.” (First, Badke applies a styling product suited to the client's hair texture from L'Oreal Professionnel Texture Expert, $20-$25.)

STEP 2: Clip up tiers of hair, then begin drying and smoothing from the bottom with a boar-bristle brush. Badke likes Marilyn round brushes ($20-$26, themarilynbrush .com). “It helps smooth and add shine to the hair if you work with a softer brush instead of a hard metal brush that might be getting too hot,” she said.

Trivia tangent: Marilyn brushes were requested for use in Adam Sandler's “You Don't Mess With the Zohan” movie.

STEP 3: At the crown, work from back to front, rolling hair onto brush and then unrolling straight upward for body, following with your professional grade blow-dryer. Badke likes the BaByliss Pro TT Tourmaline 3000 ($80, It's more than many women typically invest in a dryer, but once they try it, they're sold. Important note: Make sure you attach the nozzle to the dryer to direct the heat.

STEP 4: Touch up ends with an anti-frizz serum such as Texture Expert Shine Perfection ($20) and, voila! Your hair should be pouf-proof, even in heat and humidity.