Business traveler can't find right length for her pants

Q. I do a lot of business travel, and always wear pantsuits. In airports and airplanes, I choose flat shoes, then switch to heels for meetings. My problem is with the length of my pants. If I have them tailored for flats, they are too short with heels, and vice versa. Which is better: too-short pants with heels, or too-long pants with flats? Or is there some way to easily adjust the length of pants?

A set of gadgets called Zakkerz can provide a temporary fix. The gadgets are flexible strips with strong magnets at each end. You roll your pants hems to the desired length, then use two Zakkerz per pants leg to secure the rolled hems in place.

Can't quite picture it? Visit to view photos. A set of four, in basic colors such as black, brown and camel, sells for $27-$31.

While not the most polished solution, it would keep you from tripping over your pants hems while dashing through airports.

Or rethink your shoes. If your flats were not quite so flat, and your heels not quite so high, you might not need to adjust your pants at all. Another option — more extravagant, but certainly effective — would be to buy two pairs of pants for each jacket. Have one pair tailored for flats, the other for heels. A quick change after your flight and voila! Problem solved.