God can help with decisions

Q. I'm a high school senior, and suddenly it's hit me that I've got a lot of major decisions to make. How can I know I'll make the right ones?

Life is full of decisions – as you are discovering. Some are minor and relatively insignificant but others are major (even if we don't realize it at the time), and they can have enormous consequences.

Seek God's will in the decisions you face. God cares about them because he cares about you, and he wants what's best for you. When we make a wrong decision and go the wrong way, God grieves over our foolishness, because he knows we are only hurting ourselves.

Don't rely only on your own wisdom, or even on the wisdom of others (although their advice has its place). Instead, ask God to guide you and show you his will. Remember: His way is always best – always.

First, make sure of your commitment to Jesus Christ; if you have never asked him to come into your life, do so today. Then trust him to open the right doors for you.