Is glass half full or half empty?

Q. I'm always seeing the negative side of things. My sister is just the opposite, however – always sunny and optimistic. Why are we so different?

God made us different from each other and we should be grateful for it. Think how dull life would be if we were all exactly alike!

And you're right: Some people (like your sister) are just naturally optimistic. No matter what happens to them, they almost always react with a smile and a positive outlook. Unfortunately, however, sometimes their “hope'' is little more than wishful thinking. Others seem to be naturally pessimistic, always looking on the gloomy side.

But the Bible urges us not to be misled by either of these attitudes, but to have a different outlook. It tells us to find our hope in God – not in our circumstances, or in our natural optimism or pessimism, but from God.

This only when we realize how much God loves us – a love so deep that his son was willing to give his life for us. It happens too when we realize that this life is not all, but ahead of us is heaven if we know Christ.