Don't turn away son in need

Q. Our son (in his early 30s) wants to move back in with us after a disastrous marriage. I'm not so sure. After all, he made a wrong decision, so shouldn't he have to suffer the consequences?

Your son is already suffering the consequences of his wrong decision. If you were in his shoes, wouldn't you hope your parents would help you heal from this experience instead of rebuking you or turning you away? After all, your son needs a place where he knows he'll be loved and encouraged during a very hard time. You should be honored that he believes he'll find it by returning home.

At the same time, remember that your son is an adult now, and if he does come to live with you for a time, you need to respect this. It's not always easy for parents to deal with their adult children; ask God to give you wisdom.

Most of all, pray for your son, and urge him to turn his life and his future over to Jesus Christ. God can take even the hard times in our lives and use them to draw us closer to himself.