Without God, heart is empty

Q. I moved to a different part of the country last year, thinking it would make me forget my problems and bring me happiness, but it hasn't. Is God the answer?

We all need God; we need to know he loves us, and we need to know he is with us. Most of all, we need his forgiveness, and we need to discover the hope only he can give us.

But when we leave him out of our lives, a giant hole is left in our souls. And no matter how hard we try to fill it, the hole is still there, and our hearts are still empty. Many people spend their lives trying to fill that empty place, but never succeeding – because they never seek God.

God knows your heartache – and he loves you, and yearns for you to find him. And he has done everything possible to make this happen! He did this by sending his son, Jesus Christ, into the world to bring us back to himself.

By a simple prayer of faith ask Jesus Christ to come into your life. Then ask him to lead you to a church where you can grow in your faith through learning his word.