She stole a kiss; clothes then stolen

Q. I had been seeing a guy for a few weeks. A few weeks ago he invited me to his friend's house for a party. But when we got there, he wasn't really paying attention to me. So while I was getting a drink, a really cute guy came up to me and started talking. When he told me he was leaving, I sneaked out the back door, and walked with him to his car where we kissed. I sneaked back in the back door and rejoined the party. My date and I slept in the spare bedroom that night. When I woke up the next morning, I was in the bed naked, and my date and my clothes were nowhere to be found. I could hear all the guys saying “that's what she gets.” I think my date overreacted. Does he sound like a creep? Or did I really get what I deserved?

Mia: Sounds like you and your date deserve each other! Both of you behaved like juvenile jerks. It's not cool to make out with another guy behind your date's back. And neither is it cool to humiliate a girl by stealing her clothes. I say put this whole thing behind you and don't talk with this guy again.

Steve: Yeah, the maturity level here leaves a lot to be desired. And you need to find a new boyfriend. Did you ever get your clothes back?

Q. Lately I've been watching the AMC show “Mad Men” and I have a huge crush on the secretary, Joan. Why don't women look like that anymore?

Steve: Because they don't make bullet bras and girdles anymore? Hey, that era might be coming back, judging from all the beehive hairdos I've been seeing in fashion ads.

Mia: Standards of beauty change over time. Marilyn Monroe would be considered fat by today's barometer. But I think that what fashion mags dictate, versus what real men like, is often very different.