Charlottean aims to make FitzGerald Morrell fit

The women’s glove called Bennet: $225.
The women’s glove called Bennet: $225. Chris Manley

What: Custom-made leather gloves, designed for a range of needs from riding and driving to evening and winter/summer wear. $135 to $315.

Who: Founder Patrick J. Morrell does customer service, shipping and website development – but it’s his two partners based in the United Kingdom who manage design and glove-making. Morrell says he has no fashion degrees, no background in apparel or marketing. His background is interdisciplinary, having worked in sales, politics, consulting and tech startups (He’s now a director of sales with Sealed Air in Charlotte, he says). “That has left me curious, scrappy and humble and with an eye for problem-solving,” Morrell says.

How: He solved a problem – he couldn’t find gloves that fit. “Long fingers and wide palms are great for tossing around a football, but not so great for squeezing into pre-sized gloves,” he says. Morrell began a quest for the perfect glove, and despite trying dozens, including high-end, luxury brands, he couldn’t find a pair that, to use the cliché, fit like a glove. “None offered the combination of style, quality, fit and price that I was looking for,” he says. “Eventually, I crossed paths with an expert bespoke glove-making team in the U.K. – tapping into decades of expert craftsmanship, they hand-cut and stitched a pair of leather and cashmere gloves just for me.” A partnership and FitzGerald Morrell were born.

What’s in a name: Morrell decided to keep it in the family. Named for his mother Maureen’s side, the New York (specifically Bayside, Queens) FitzGeralds, and his father Rob’s side, the left-coast California Morrells. Morrell says the company is an homage to his stylish and crafty family, but inspiration for the company also comes from the four generations of glove-making history his partners share. Making the gloves is done the old-fashioned way, taking measurements using paper and pencil. And the company looks to “spirit guides” for inspiration, he says, from Idris Elba and Wallace Stegner to J.K. Rowling and Errol Flynn.

Favorite glove: “Personally, the Broughton. Classic style. Enduring materials. Looks great with a cashmere overcoat, a Barbour jacket and a beat up old fleece,” Morrell says.

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