x4 In which CLT_Style takes a key piece for the season and, with the help of local stylists, shows you four ways to wear it.

As holiday invitations roll in during this season known for spending, the obvious question looms:

How will you pull off the looks you’re seeking without breaking the bank – on yourself?

We went to Nordstrom’s personal stylist manager, Hade Robinson, with that question and are here to report good news: Use a few key pieces smartly, and you’re soiree-and-such-ready.

He created four combinations with one consistent component in mind: the famed LBD – although the Little Black Dress could certainly be replaced with a winter white sheath.

“This is a basic that every woman should have always in her wardrobe,” said Robinson. “Remember that the black dress is like working on a blank canvas – you will never go wrong when you just want to be creative.”

Take a look at the slide show for Robinson’s four looks.