The Style_ist: The shoe search

Please please please tell me where to find narrow shoes.

Jayne Shive, Concord, and Diane Wilkerson, Charlotte

I wear a size 3M shoes in women’s. Are there any stores in the area that carry this size?

Lulu Pushic, Matthews

A. So many shoe questions. So little time. But good news (as long as you don’t mind spending a bit)!

Marmi at SouthPark carries shoes sizes 4-12 (so not helpful for our tiny-footed questioner), and a sales associate estimated that 97 percent of the shoes they carry are available in narrow. No one likes to guess how many different styles the store keeps on hand, but “dozens” is in the ballpark. The stock is replenished quite often, and there’s a loyal following for this, she said: When someone finds a shoe that works, they tend to order one in every color.

Marmi shoes run about $100-$260, from ballerina flats to a walking shoe dressy enough for work. Marmi; 704-366-3900.

Nordstrom’s at SouthPark carries a wide selection of narrow (and the even narrower “super slim”) shoes made by a narrow-shoe expert, Munro, and by Dansko. A sales associate told us the store tends to sell out of narrows quickly because they’re in such demand. (Which begs the question: Why not more everywhere?) There’s a Munro event twice a year, in spring and fall, when a company representative brings in more styles than the store keeps on hand.

If the store’s out of the style you want, they’ll work to get them for you. Munros run about $200. Nordstrom’s; 704-442-6000.

(The Amalfi by Rangoni shoe store at SouthPark, also noted for narrows, closed about two months ago, making the Raleigh location the closest to Charlotte.)

Now let’s talk about tiny. We didn’t find a local store with much in the size-3 category, but check these:

1. The maker D’Jandro sells shoes – heels, wedges, sandals, flats – at by size (2 to 5) and on, with a pretty amazing range of styles, including heels up to 4 inches, about $50-$90.

2. Cinderella of Boston sells casual styles, heels and boots, too, for sizes 2-5 1/2, for about $50-$150.

3. Miami-based, easily searched by size and color and style, offers shoes that are smaller than the usual, and also larger.

4. If you’re willing to translate from European sizes (not to mention euros in price), and you don’t mind shipping from Europe, you can check out and

5. Vintage shoes offer a wealth of options. There’s (don’t miss seller Vintage Vixen’s shoe buying guide; search for it on and (where there are categories for both women’s and men’s vintage shoes). And although the sizes begin at 4 at A Vintage Sole, we’ll mention them because these are unworn vintage shoes and the selection is jaw-dropping:, based in Michigan.

6. Online sellers such as have a few, as well.

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