Bechtler Museum Holiday Party

The last time the British invaded this area, it didn’t go so well for them. But this time around, it was a smashing success for everyone involved at the British Invasion Holiday Party, hosted by the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art’s Young Visionaries members.

The Dec. 4 party at the museum was themed to its exhibit “British Invasion,” which showcases British art in the Bechtler collection from the 1950s through the 1970s (it’s on view through Feb. 15). Guests were encouraged to wear Brit-pop-inspired attire from the swinging 1960s to the cocktail party. The signature drink was Tea Thyme, English breakfast tea steeped with honey fig syrup and vodka. Hors d’oeuvres included fish and chips, chicken Wellington and mini scones. Everyone brought art supplies that will be donated to Albemarle Road Elementary school. There was also music, dancing and a fun photo booth.

How did guests sum up the party? It was groovy, baby.