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Concord and South Park, a popular biscuit restaurant is headed your way

Maple Street Biscuit Company has a whole menu based on biscuits (OK, and waffles).
Maple Street Biscuit Company has a whole menu based on biscuits (OK, and waffles). Facebook

Jacksonville’s Maple Street Biscuit Company likes to do things differently: The slogan is “comfort food with a modern twist,” and instead of calling itself a chain or franchise, it calls its locations “community stores.” Got that?

Charlotte is about to get two of those community stores, the company confirmed Thursday. Leases have been signed for 721 Governor Morrison St. in South Park, and 8875 Christenbury Parkway in Concord. The openings are planned in the spring.

Maple Street’s signature is flaky biscuit sandwiches. As in, the Sticky Maple (fried chicken breast and bacon with maple syrup on a biscuit), the Squawking Goat (fried chicken breast and goat cheese with pepper jelly on a biscuit) and the Garden Bird (fried chicken, egg and collard greens with hot sauce on, yes, a biscuit). Biscuits and gravy variations are all called Ralphies (let’s not speculate on that, shall we?), while entrees include things like a waffle with asiago cheese and bacon. Filling out the menu: salads and sides like a five-cheese mac & cheese with a cheese cracker crust.

Hours are usually early morning to mid-afternoon (7 a.m. to 2 or 3 p.m.) Monday-Saturday. Prices range from $4 to $9.

After starting in Florida, the chain – sorry, community – has expanded rapidly in Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina, with the latest announced last week for James Island in Charleston.

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