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Charlotte restaurant news: What just opened (hint: cheesesteaks), what's coming, what's delayed

Mike Noll designed Bardo with the kitchen across the back and a small dining room, so he can keep an eye on every table.
Mike Noll designed Bardo with the kitchen across the back and a small dining room, so he can keep an eye on every table.

Information is swirling so fast, even the Uber drivers are probably getting confused. I checked the status on a number of recent projects:

Bulla Gastrobar, 4310 Sharon Road: Reports that it will open June 4 are incorrect, says marketing spokesperson Adriana Ruiz, who told us it isn't expected to open until later in June. Stay tuned for a more definite date.

The House of Pizza, 3640 Central Ave.: After a long, long wait through a remodel, the Plaza-Midwood classic opened for dinner Monday night, and returned to lunch and dinner today. Cheesesteak lovers, you know what to do.

Superica, 101 W. Worthington: Yes, the margaritas are flowing and we hear the guacamole is excellent. No word yet from Atlanta restaurateur Ford Fry on whether Superica is just the first of his restaurants to plant a flag in Charlotte.

Bardo, 1508 S. Mint St.: It's in soft opening, with an official opening date of Friday, May 25.

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Undercurrent Coffee, 2012 Commonwealth Ave.: The cafe and coffee lab is now expected either at the end of May or early June. Stay tuned for a look at the menu, which we hear is more substantial than you may be expecting.

The Stanley, 1961 E. Seventh St.: Yes, it's open and getting slammed for reservations. A check on Resy, the reservation app that many Charlotte restaurants are now using, shows availability mostly before 6 p.m. or after 9 p.m., but we hear that you can sometimes score a spot for one at the bar.

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Chef Alyssa's Kitchen, Atherton Market, moving to 4001 Yancey Road: Cooking instructor Alyssa Wilen had hoped to move to her new, larger space by the start of the summer camp season, but her partner and husband, Andrew Wilen, says that's probably not going to happen. But construction is underway now, and he says it will be sometime in the summer.

Siggy's Good Food, 1001 Belmont Ave.: Siggy Sollitto, the New York restaurateur who is relocating her organic and locally sourced cafe, says construction is moving along, but she expects it will probably be August before she can open.

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