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Update: Here's the menu and the plans for the new restaurant replacing Wu's

One of the features on the menu of the new Rosemont: A classic burger and fries.
One of the features on the menu of the new Rosemont: A classic burger and fries.

When the Bottle Cap Group announced what would replace Wu's Cajun Seafood, the short-lived restaurant at South and East boulevards, they said it would be "a back-to-basics tavern."

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Here's a first look at the dishes planned at the Rosemont, at South and East Boulevards.

Here's just how back to basics it will be when Rosemont opens this summer at 1714 South Blvd.: Bottle Cap shared the planned menu, with a lineup of peel-and-eat shrimp with pepper butter, burgers, sheet-pan nachos and "Fries, Fries, Fries" (sweet potato, waffle and seasoned, with three dipping sauces). The rest of the menu is divided between sandwiches and salads.

Rosemont, page 1: Here's the lineup of what you can expect when the Rosemont opens in June. Kathleen Purvis

Rosemont, page 2: The planned menu for the Rosemont, opening this June. Kathleen Purvis

That's exactly what owner Britton McCorkle signaled when she announced Rosemont last month.

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“We’re going back to the basics with cheap drinks, fried goodness, milkshakes and all the erratic fun in between."

On the drinks menu, expect beers (with a few locals throw in), a short list of cocktails and "adult milk shakes" and the Frozemont Slushie (Capt Morgan's rum, amaretto and Cheerwine).

When can you expect all this erratic fun? The opening date hasn't been set, but the grand opening is expected in June.

Kathleen Purvis; 704-358-5236.