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How much can you stuff into a pizza crust? How about 28 hot dogs?

By Tony Lone Fight

Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut

It's weird when the real world is more like satire site, The Onion. I believe it is true that Pizza Hut will stuff their pizzas with hot dogs mainly because the site reporting it is The Washington Post. I guess they could be trolling us, but that doesn't seem like their style.

According to the article, Pizza Hut will be introducing a new stuff crust pizza. Instead of the normal thick cheese, the crust of this pizza will be stuffed with hot dogs. You have to see the photograph to get the full idea. It's like "pigs in a blanket" but around a pizza.

I have to ask, why? I'm a big guy and I've eaten a lot of fattening things, but never once have I thought, "you know what could make this Meat Lover's Pan Pizza better? 28 tiny hot dogs!"

Check out the full article. No word on if this new pizza is coming to Charlotte. My arteries are hoping the answer is no.