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Ninjabread porter is a good one ... to split

The danger with a brew called Ninjabread Man Porter is that they’re going to go bananas with the ginger, and it gets old fast. But Asheville Brewing Co. avoids the trap here with a deftly spiced brew packing a heavenly vanilla aroma and taste to match.

Despite the Ninja reference and label, the 5.6 percent ABV does not knock your head off.

The brewer suggests serving it with a meal or dessert. I drank it solo, which may well provide a different experience.

Bottom line: That silky vanilla vibe was a joy for the first glass, then started to lose its charms as the intensity refused to loosen its grip.

It comes in a 22-ounce bottles, sells for $6 and should be easy to find in specialty stores. So if you have someone to split it with, you’ll be just fine.

Roland Wilkerson