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Pear pleasures

Crispy Green's Pear Crisps, Asian pear slices with no added preservatives, are the newest in its line of freeze-dried fruit snacks. The texture is great, too; a slice starts with a crunch, then melts in your mouth. A single-serving bag has just 40 calories and costs about $1.80. Available in the Charlotte area at Fresh Market and Earth Fare stores. A six-pack is $8 at Chicago Tribune

On store shelves Egg Beaters with a bit more

Egg Beaters with Yolk puts a sunny spin on the line of liquid eggs, adding color and additional flavor. Adding the yolk adds 10 calories (to 40) and 50 milligrams of cholesterol (the whites-only product has none) per serving. We liked the taste and texture of the fluffy omelet we made. A 15-ounce container is $3.80-$4.30. Chicago Tribune A world of chocolate World Market has launched a line of plain and flavored dark and milk chocolates that impressed tasters with their flavor and, especially in the case of the single-origin varieties from Papua New Guinea, Ecuador and Costa Rica, their intensity. Prices are $2-$3 per bar at their stores. Chicago Tribune From the web Budget-conscious clicks It seems recipe searches for tilapia, ground beef and rice-potatoes-bread are rising right along with food prices. At least at The folks there started tracking certain low-cost ingredients in January. Here's some of what they found:

Increases in recipe searches for rice (90percent), potatoes (110 percent) and bread (99 percent).

Searches for ground beef recipes increased 117 percent.

Searches for tilapia recipes increased at a much higher rate than searches for salmon.

Page views for “make at home” versions of restaurant pizza and Chinese and Indian food increased 79 percent over the same three months last year. Staff and wire reports