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Pear pleasures

Crispy Green's Pear Crisps, Asian pear slices with no added preservatives, are the newest in its line of freeze-dried fruit snacks. The texture is great, too; a slice starts with a crunch, then melts in your mouth. A single-serving bag has just 40 calories and costs about $1.80. Available in the Charlotte area at Fresh Market and Earth Fare stores. A six-pack is $8 at Chicago Tribune

On store shelves Egg Beaters with a bit more

Egg Beaters with Yolk puts a sunny spin on the line of liquid eggs, adding color and additional flavor. Adding the yolk adds 10 calories (to 40) and 50 milligrams of cholesterol (the whites-only product has none) per serving. We liked the taste and texture of the fluffy omelet we made. A 15-ounce container is $3.80-$4.30. Chicago Tribune A world of chocolate World Market has launched a line of plain and flavored dark and milk chocolates that impressed tasters with their flavor and, especially in the case of the single-origin varieties from Papua New Guinea, Ecuador and Costa Rica, their intensity. Prices are $2-$3 per bar at their stores. Chicago Tribune From the web Budget-conscious clicks It seems recipe searches for tilapia, ground beef and rice-potatoes-bread are rising right along with food prices. At least at The folks there started tracking certain low-cost ingredients in January. Here's some of what they found: