Food & Drink

You can take it with you

It's another perfect day for a picnic.

I admit to being a minor fanatic of this fading form of entertainment. Whether elaborately planned or impromptu, the simple act of packing a meal and eating it somewhere else somehow makes the food taste better and the occasion feel more special.

Plus, you get the pleasure of feeding your friends without having to clean your home.

I own not one but three picnic-carrying devices: a traditional flat-top basket, a fancy backpack with service for four (including a corkscrew and little plastic wine glasses) and a soft-sided cooler with a shoulder strap, perfect for feeding the masses. All come in handy, all summer long.

So, what constitutes a picnic? If you have packed food for more than one person and plan to eat it somewhere other than an office break room or a moving vehicle, then you are on a picnic. An outdoor setting is ideal, but not required: Several of my most recent picnics have been served at my carpenter boyfriend's work site. (Where else is a guy encrusted in drywall dust going to eat?)